Did you know that each year in Michigan alone, over 1,000 individual water damage claims are filed with insurance agencies statewide, and these damages can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars repairs if left unattended? Water damage can lead to many serious problems in your home. That is why it is absolutely essential that water damages are responded to as quickly as possible, to reduce the chance of further damage.

The first step to any water damage should be to locate the source of the damage and correct it so that it does not occur again.
After the problem is corrected, the damage can be addressed. An initial extraction is required to remove the majority of the standing water from the site, but also to begin the process of drying any affected building materials or personal possessions. After the water has been extracted, any building materials or belongings which cannot be saved are cataloged and removed so that the drying process will not be hindered by items holding moisture. At this time, All Service will consult the acting insurance agent about the extent of the claim. All Service representatives will consult and assist you throught the entire process of your damage ensuring that all claims are addressed.
The next step is to begin the drying process, using a system of commercial air-movers and dehumidifying equipment strategically placed to produce the most effective drying system. Depending upon the extent of the damage, the drying time necessary to remediate the damage will vary but will be certified dry at the end of the process.

After the property is dried completely, the process of disinfecting the affected areas will have had the initial, the progressive and the final treatments, followed by the re-construction. After the projects have been completed, All Service will continue to pursue the damage to its conclusion with the insurance companies and any other agencies involved.

We know the position that having a water damage can place you in, and we understand. That is why we are committed to helping you restore your quality of life and peace of mind by giving you and your property our very best.