At All Service, we pride ourselves on our ability to properly clean and restore even the most delecate of fibers and fabrics. Our area rug treatment and cleaning facility hosts a number of cleaning and restoration methods which are used to clean silk, wool, sisal and more.

The process begins with an inspection and identification of the area rug. Afterward, the rug is picked up by an All Service Technician and returned to the cleaning facility where the restoration takes place. Depending upon the type of fibers in the rug, it will be pre-treated accordingly and allowed to dwell for a period of time. Some stains upon fibers such as wool and silk can be permanant even when pre-treated and should be addressed with your technician upon initial inspection of the area rug. Since some fibers are especially sensitive to moisture, sometimes dry-cleaning extraction will be neccessary to remove soiling without damaging the fibers themselves.

After the rug has been thoroughly treated and cleaned, it is hang dried and treated with a post cleaning protective coating if requested. The rug is then returned to you as clean as the day it was purchased. A standard fee of $25.00 applies for handling if it is neccessary to return the rug to our treatment facility for proper cleaning.

All Service Cleans all types of area rugs including Orientals, Persians and Dhurri Rugs.

Special fringe treatments are available also for cotton and other natural fibers.

All Service now does pick-up and drop-off area rug service for your convenience.