All Service uses state-of-the-art cleaning methods approved by the IICRC in all of our upholstery and fabric cleanings. At All Service we pride ourselves upon our ability to clean and restore nearly any fabric to like new condition using quality treatments and thorough procedure. Even difficult to clean fabrics that many other companies will not attempt such as:

  • Haitian/Polished Cotton
  • Velvet/Crushed Velvet
  • Suede/Ultra-Suede
  • Authentic and Faux Satin
  • Denim
  • Wool

If a fabric cannot be cleaned by All Service, it simply cannot be cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration Services Include:
  • Restorative and Corrective Cleaning
    A general term referring to the expert cleaning and restoration of upholstery fabrics. For synthetics and more sturdy fabrics, a high pressure stream cleaning and textile rinse leaves the fabric looking and smelling like new and protective coating can then be applied to reduce oil buildup and prolong the clean appearance. Specialty fabrics require specialty treatment. See below for more information about each.
  •  Hand Shampooing / Foam Cleaning
    Certain fabrics require a hands-on cleaning to restore their original appearance. Special fabric shampoo is applied gently using a fabric mitt and then removed with a vacuum cleaning process to remove and residue.
  •  Leather Cleaning, Restoration and Protection
    Leather furniture, car seats and other upholstered materials must be conditioned periodically to restore moisture and maintain the leather's look and feel. All Service technicians carefully apply a moisturizing cleaning solvent to the leather and buff the surface repeatedly to remove oils and staining and restore the leather to it's original supple texture.

  • Indian & Haitian Cotton / Polished Cotton
    Specialty cottons must be carefully treated and not oversaturated to avoid discoloration. To restore these fabrics to their original brilliant sheen, All Service technicians hand shampoo the fabric and then use a very light steam to break up soiling so that it can be extracted with vacuum pressure. This process brings dirt and oils to the surface and removes them neatly, restoring your cotton fabrics to bright and beautiful condition.

  • Ultra Suede, Silks and Micro Fibers
    For delicate fibers and fabrics, an expert touch and great care is required. All Service technicians are highly skilled and specially trained in cleaning and spot treating even the most high-end and custom upholstery. Specialized treatments and cleaning products are used in the restoration of these delicate fabrics.

  •  Stain Removal / Spot Treatment
    Although it is not recommended to clean a small area of your carpet or upholstery without cleaning the entire surface, All Service technicians specialize in removing difficult stains from a variety of fabrics. Special cleaners and conditioners are expertly applied during the restoration process to acheive optimal results.

  • Antiques and Specialty Fabrics
    Regardless of the nature and age of your fabric, the master restoration specialists at All Service can acheive the best possible results in cleaning and restoring these fabrics. Tapestries, daybeds, chaise lounges and Victorian chairs. There is no fabric that we have not seen. Call your All Service professionals for details.

The Upholstery Cleaning Process:

Each cleaning begins with a detailed inspection of the upholstery for fiber damage and/or staining which may cause difficulty with the cleaning. These issues will be addressed before the cleaning begins so as not to cause issues later. After the inspection, the upholstery is then pre-treated based upon the fibers and the condition of the fabric and allowed to dwell.

In the case of leather, extraction is not an option, therefore, a cleaning and conditioning product will be used to remove soiling and make the leather more supple to the touch. For fabrics, either steam or dry extraction will be used to remove soiling and acheive the best cleaning results.

After cleaning cottons and sometimes other fabrics as well, an post cleaning treatment must be used to prevent the upholstery from browning due to extended contact with moisture, ensuring that the surface will appear as bright and clean as can be. If you have children, pets, or you just like to eat and drink while sitting on the furniture, you may also consider a post cleaning protectant product to keep your upholstery looking like new, even when accidents happen.