In our years of operation, All Service has run into nearly every type of carpet damage imaginable in our customers’ homes. That is why we have integrated all forms of carpet repair into our list of services. Some repairs are simple while some are not, but no matter the size of the repair, All Service is sure to restore your damaged carpet back to an exceptional state.

All of our cleaning vehicles are outfitted with routine repair kits; however, some repairs may involve more time and effort and therefore should be scheduled apart from other cleaning appointments. Contact our offices for additional information on carpet repairs in your home.
Our list of repair services includes but is not exclusive to the following:
  • Carpet Stretching
    Not having your carpet properly stretched and seated on the tackless strip will cause it to wear much more quickly and may create a tripping hazard from wrinkles and waves in the carpet. All Service technicians used specialized stretching equipment to place tension on the carpeting so that it can be properly seated on the tackless strip and tucked into place along the baseboards.

  • Threshold Repair
    Thresholds are common places to find snags, tears and loose carpeting. All Service technicians will remove the threshold, repair and damage to the carpeting and then replace the threshold, returning it to like new.

  • Seam Repair
    Seams may become more apparent or even begin to separate as a carpet begins to age. All Service technicians will open your existing seams, stretch the carpeting to allow for excess to be trimmed, and then professionally restore the seam to like new condition so that you won't even know that it's there.

  • Burn Repair
    Burns may seem like permanent damage to your carpet, but All Service technicians are masters of patching burns both large and small. We will expertly measure, cut and replace burned sections of carpeting so that you will not even believe that it was damaged to begin with.

  • Cut & Patching
    Certain types of carpet damage cannot be simply cleaned away and when that time comes, you need a skilled All Service technician to make an expert repair to your carpeting. We will use existing pieces of carpeting from your home that you never even see, or even matched new carpeting to make precision cut & patch repairs.

  • Snag & Tear Repair
    Has your dog been clawing at the carpeting by the door? Or perhaps your toddler has begun unwinding the carpet fibers in the corner of their bedroom? If you have a snag or tear in your home or office carpet, let our skilled technicians show you why nobody can repair your carpeting like All Service.

  • Padding / Tackless Strip Replacement
    Having quality padding and tackless strip under your carpet is almost as important as the quality of the carpet itself. Your padding absorbs most of the shock from foot traffic and furniture and the tackless strip is needed to hold the carpeting in place and keep it resilient. All Services technicians can provide you with a variety of padding selections and we have specialized tackless trip for use on wood, concrete, and other base flooring.

New Carpeting is also available
Whatever the damage may be, All Service is certain to find a solution to your carpet repair troubles. Many repairs can be completed in your home within a single appointment, however, if the damage does prove to be permanent and we cannot repair in home, All Service can put you in contact with our carpet sales division to get you new carpeting at wholesale prices. 
We guarantee the best quality repair service available and our new carpet prices that cannot be beaten. Call All Service for your carpet repair today!